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Hope in 2021 

"The first month of the pandemic was also supposed to be the month I got pregnant."

written by Monica Hesse   (click here to read her story) 

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Global Egg Donors changes lives by cultivating relationships between an egg donor and the intended parent she donates for. Fertility and egg donation is a daunting subject for both donors and intended parents, with uncertainty, stigma, and misconception. Our egg donation experts will coach you through the process. We care about your complete journey.

At Global Egg Donors we offer you cost-effective fertility treatments with minimal stress. We will recommend highly successful fertility doctors, at first-class clinics, located worldwide. Let us help find you vibrantly healthy, intelligent women who will travel to your clinic and donate their eggs to you.

Global Egg Donors has fully screened egg donors worldwide. We are the least expensive donor program in the world where you can select your donor from her detailed information and adult photographs and get to know her personally. You have the choice to contact her now, in the future, or remain anonymous.

Global Egg Donors Provide You With:

Comprehensive information about your donor including pictures, medical, education, personality and genetic history.
Free online donor database.
Rarely a waiting time for donors; you could be pregnant 3 months from today.
Over 19 years of experience supporting egg donors and intended parents.
200+ egg donors.
The option of having indirect contact with your donor, direct contact or remaining completely anonymous.
Our ethnically diverse donors come from 30 countries and we recommend clinics in 8 countries.
Many of the clinics we recommend have surrogates available.


Donating your eggs is a life changing experience for those you help and for you too. We will support your journey from now until well after your donation, as you give this greatest of gifts. Travel is optional. All races of women are needed to donate eggs, click here to find out more about becoming a donor.


At Global Egg Donors we simplify the difficult path to pregnancy that occurs for many. Our egg donors are intelligent, healthy women of all races, aged 20-31, educated, mature and in excellent health. Let us help you grow your family by reducing the time, hassle and the high costs incurred at home. Click here to find out more.