About Us

Global Egg Donors is an egg donation program specializing in the coordination of Egg Donors, Intended Parents and Clinics spread throughout the world. We will assist you in finding and reserving a healthy, young, intelligent donor of any ethnicity. The Intended Parents we have helped since 2001, are located in over 50 countries, and have gone to clinics we recommend in at least 9 countries. There they have found exceptionally high success with our egg donors who have also travelled from many countries, to help them build a family.

The Global Egg Donors Team, a band of strong women

Dedicated, determined and efficient, our small group of women are experts in the field of international egg donation. We are also your counsellors, confidants, friends, co- workers, guides throughout the planning, procedure and for years after. Each person is driven by her passion and guided by our mutual values and integrity. Together we balance each other’s strengths providing support in all areas for both Egg Donors and Intended Parents.

Robin - Founder, Director and Intended Parent Support

Her goal was to have 5 children, now she has assisted others to have a small city of children. She turned the difficulty of her own infertility into assisting others through theirs. When not traveling internationally visiting clinics she is hosting egg donors in her home and working in her large vegetable and flower garden. She lives a full life of adventure: camping, travel for work which always is fun, horseback riding, hiking and cooking or events with friends. She lives with her cat Taj, and 2 chickens in California.

“My goal is to live a life I don't need a vacation from.”

Karen – Lead Donor Coordinator

In 2001 Robin interviewed Karen, a freshman at the University of Cape Town. She became the company’s first egg donor. After Karen finished her degree in psychology she realized there was no better place to use her skills, nor more rewarding place to work than Global Egg Donors. They have worked as a strong team ever since. Karen is raising a brilliant, nature loving daughter in a rural area of South Africa. Karen enjoys trail running, hiking, bee keeping and adventure travels. She also travels internationally meeting with clinics and donors.

“My job expands and enriches my life more than I ever could have done in my free time.”

Anne - Intended Parent Support

Anne and her husband built an adventure lodge on the coast of Africa, then returned to Cape Town, South Africa to raise their two sons. Family is her passion and when she met Karen, she repeatedly impressed upon her how she would benefit our program. Her passion and persistence paid off and she brings this same energy to her support of our Intended Parents. Her family has grown to include 3 large dogs.

“What could be more satisfying than helping to create new life?”

Corné- Financial Administration and Donor support

Karen befriended Corné at a community meeting and was impressed with her love of life. She soon filled a need with Global Egg Donors because of her strong skills in administration and love of detail. Corné is our detail person which extends far beyond contracts and finance. She lives with her husband and two dogs.

“Being organised leaves more room for spontaneity.”

Nicolette- Project Management

Anne befriended Nicolette in their neighbourhood while out hiking. Nicolette is a multi-faceted business woman with over 25 years’ experience in Project Management and fills several niches within the donor program. She is the Go To person to get ideas masterminded and completed. She enjoys horse riding and hiking and lives with her husband and two children.

“Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work.”