Tbilisi, Georgia

After my visit in 2016 I am telling everyone what an exceptional travel destination Tbilisi is with mix of very modern and within an ancient city. A river winds through this vibrant valley between 4 cathedrals and under a glass memorial bridge. The clinic is 100% upgraded while preserving the marble floors, granite building and more. Some of the most approachable, friendliest staff. I highly recommend this safe, clean, inexpensive yet high quality, respectable destination.
- Robin Newman, Parent Support at Global Egg Donors

The clinic: The Russian Royal Family built the original maternity hospital in 1875 as a place to train midwives and birth babies. Since it was established up to 500 000 infants have been born within its walls.

Treatment options: IVF, ICSI, PGS, assisted hatching, donor eggs, donor sperm and surrogacy.

Success rates for donor egg cycles: 60% with the transfer of 2 embryos

Sperm banks: They have an in-house sperm bank and will receive your frozen imported sperm from any country.

Surrogacy: Yes, for heterosexual couples.

Clinic fees for egg donation: $3500US for procedure. $37,000 including a surrogate through birth. Global Egg Donor fees are in addition to what you pay clinic.