Puerto Vallarta

Just a 3-hour flight from Los Angeles, Puerto Vallarta is a holiday beach destination. Very safe tourist area, no Zika virus and half the cost of the USA. The white sand beaches and turquoise sea offer swimming with dolphins, snorkelling, lazy beach days and exceptional food. Most people speak English. November through April are ideal temperatures for air and sea. Summer months can get hot, and all businesses have air conditioning.

The clinic: This facility was built in 2014. The doctors, originating and trained in the USA, have helped build thousands of families. The clinic is dedicated to IVF inside a larger hospital. They cater to all; foreigners, heterosexual, singles and LGBT. They can provide sex selection and surrogates.

Treatment options: IVF, ICSI, PGS, sex selection, egg donation, embryo freezing.

Success rates for donor egg cycles: 75% with transfer of two embryos

Sperm banks: Can import sperm and clinic has Mexican sperm donor bank.

Surrogacy: You can bring your own surrogate or use one of theirs. Cross border surrogacy is also available.

Clinic fees for egg donation: $6200US for procedure. Global Egg Donor fees are in addition to what you pay clinic.