California, USA

The clinic is a 30-minute drive from the Los Angeles International Airport. All the attractions of Southern California are close by: Disneyland, Universal Studios, Santa Monica Pier with beautiful beaches.

The clinic:
This clinic is among the most successful fertility practices in the United States. The physician is board certified and award-winning leaders in the field with advanced training in reproductive medicine and an outstanding, proven track record in all areas of infertility diagnosis and treatment. This fertility clinic has an onsite in vitro fertilization (IVF) laboratory and on-site surgery center.

Treatment options:
IVF, ICSI, PGD, egg donation, embryo freezing, sex selection.

Success rates for donor egg cycles:
90% with the transfer of 1 embryo

Sperm banks:
Co-work with many sperm banks.

Yes. Both Intended parents are on birth certificate at birth of child.

Clinic fees for egg donation:
$18,900US for all-inclusive package including PGS for 10 embryos, embryo storage for 2 years, second embryo transfer if , much more. Global Egg Donor fees are in addition to what you pay clinic.