Connecticut, USA

Connecticut offers a complete experience in a compact package. The perfect place to experience the arts, great shopping and dining and picture-postcard beach towns. Just 1 hour drive from New York International Airports to clinic, there is a big city vibe in the smaller cities of Connecticut.

The clinic:
This state-of-the-art center is small enough to provide personalized care. Each case is tailored and attention to your details are foremost. Their high success rates and reasonable costs are further reasons why we recommend them.

Treatment options:
IVF, ICSI, PGD, egg donation, embryo freezing, sex selection.

Success rates for donor egg cycles:
85% with the transfer of 2 embryos.

Sperm banks:
Many national sperm bank options available, both known and anonymous.

They work with many surrogacy agencies.

Clinic fees for egg donation:
$16,000US for clinic fee. Global Egg Donors is in addition to what you pay the clinic.