Johannesburg, South Africa

Many Global Egg Donors of all ethnicities reside in South Africa as this is where our egg donor program started in 2001. Within 2 hours drive you can visit Wildlife Parks and see The Big Five. Malaria medication is not needed in this area and should not be used before fertility treatment.

The clinic:
Since its inception in 1991, numerous patients from South Africa and abroad have successfully received infertility treatment from highly qualified and experienced fertility doctors in Johannesburg, South Africa. This clinic performs 950 IVF cycles per annum. It is world class, modern and situated in a metropolitan area. A safe neighbourhood with high end shopping and many hotels from 3 to 5 star close by.

Treatment options:
IVF, ICSI, PGD, egg donation, embryo freezing.

Success rates for donor egg cycles:
75% with the transfer of 2 embryos

Sperm banks:
They have an in-house sperm bank and will receive your imported sperm from any country.

Only for residents of South Africa

Clinic fees for egg donation:
$6500US for procedure including ICSI. Global Egg Donor fees are in addition to what you pay clinic.