How It All Works for Intended Parents

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lobal Egg Donors is a unique program, with egg donors living worldwide and using clinics located worldwide.

How Global Egg Donors works explained in a short video. Click here and turn on audio.

We can guide you through the process from donor selection to egg donation.

1st   Choose a donor
2nd  Select a clinic
3rd  Decide on timing

You could be pregnant 2½ months from today.

Your Travel Time -

Spend Two Days near the clinic, what most Intended Parents choose.
Any time before the egg donor arrives at the clinic: freeze and ship sperm from home, or the sperm donor can travel to the clinic to freeze sperm. He will be at the clinic only 2 hours.
Next, your egg donor arrives at the clinic and eggs are collected, embryos are made and frozen. This does not affect the success rate.
When convenient, the intended mother or surrogate arrives to have an embryo transfer. She stays 2 days.


Spend Ten Days near the clinic
2 days before egg donation: Fly to the clinic with your partner.
2 - 4 days after arriving at the clinic: sperm donation and egg donation
5 days after egg donation: blastocyst embryos are transferred to your womb.  Minimum 10 days spent near the clinic.

"I have to say that the efficiency and the interest that everyone has is amazing. Your Team at Global Egg Donors has been exceptional and not only offered us extensive information but more importantly - tremendous support!" – Intended Parent