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“Thank you so much for your kind reply. I already feel so happy just quickly browsing through the donors. Such beautiful girls! I feel so hopeful.” – egg recipient

Women are available for egg donation from many ethnic backgrounds. Their genetic roots are from all over the world: UK, Germany, America, Canada, Africa, Denmark, India, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, France, Asia, Russia and Latin American to name only a few. Choose between white, women of color and black donors. Many of our egg donors are students at the local universities.
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First: Please understand we need to know to whom and why we are revealing these intimate donor details. Could you tell us something about yourself first and why you need an egg donor?
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You can call us anytime if you prefer. These numbers are forwarded to our Global Egg Donors office:

+1.805.693.4787 California, USA
+44.20.7193.4415 London, United Kingdom
+27.71.672.0387 Cape Town, South Africa
+61.02.8011.3102 Sydney, Australia Skype: robin.globaleggdonors

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