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Thank you for opening your heart to the possibility of becoming an egg donor. One of the most gracious gifts a young woman can give is the gift of life. The emotional rewards will last your lifetime. Many women are unable to conceive a child using their own eggs. Most of them have learned this after undergoing numerous infertility treatments, spending thousands of dollars, and enduring painful disappointments. We also help single men and gays who will use a surrogate mother to birth their child. You will never be asked to birth their baby. We have many people, in many countries, waiting to find an egg donor.

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PHASE 1: THE FINAL APPLICATION: After your initial application, we will review it and ask a few more questions. Your details are confidential, and you will remain anonymous. You are free to withdraw at any time.

Once a person has advised us they would love to have some of your eggs, you will get to decide if you want to assist them and travel to their choice of clinic. When you both agree on the details, we begin the egg donation process. Our Donor Support, an experienced donor herself, will be in regular contact with you.

Egg retrieval - Although this procedure takes approx. 20 minutes, take the afternoon off as you can be drowsy from the anaesthesia. Eggs are removed through the vagina with a suction needle, no incision, no stitches.

Financial Settlement - You receive fair compensation from Global Egg Donors. All expenses are paid, you are billed nothing. You are reimbursed for your time, energy and inconvenience even if they do not fall pregnant.

Please contact us by email, phone, or WhatsApp about anything at anytime! We will send more information upon receipt of your initial application.

Kind regards,
Robin Newman, founder of Global Egg Donors
Karen, donor coordinator
Corné, donor support