Learn more about becoming an egg donor

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You can provide the Gift of Life to those who cannot have a child any other way. Join with Global Egg Donors’ Team of unique and wonderful women. Together we travel the world to selected clinics, all expenses paid for you and you can bring a friend. Explore the beaches of Mexico and Cyprus, the cultures of India, and beauty of the USA and South Africa. All clinics meet our high standards of medical excellence, high integrity and great personal service.

Read our FAQs below and check out some personal stories from egg donors. To find out more fill in the initial application.

1. What kind of a person becomes an egg donor?
A bright and attractive woman between the ages of 20 - 29 years, of any ethnic background, preferably who is pursuing a college degree; and is in excellent health.

2. What characteristics in an egg donor are most in demand?
All races of women are needed. Vibrant health is the most attractive. An infertile woman normally chooses a donor who looks similar to herself and we assist people all over the world of all ethnicities too. The capacity for intelligence is a genetic factor, so let us know if you’ve achieved high scores or what else you have done that expresses your intelligence.

3. What is the chance of a couple achieving a pregnancy if they do egg donation?
There is an 80- 85% chance of achieving a pregnancy with the help of a young, healthy egg donor. This is higher than average as we only work with the most successful clinics.

4. Why should an egg donor work with Global Egg Donors?
Our program, Global Egg Donors, offers a donor both protection and guidance. You always have a choice: you decide if you want to work with those who choose you after receiving a letter of introduction from them. You decide if you will travel and where. Moreover, we offer you our dedication of professionalism and commitment to your wellbeing - body, soul and spirit - at all times.

5. What is the time commitment for donors?
Each case is unique yet typically takes 3 months from the day you agree to a donation until you will travel for the donation. Your involvement is about 4 doctor appointments over 2 weeks plus going for several blood tests before the donation has begun.

6. What characteristics are you looking for in a donor?
A caring and compassionate person, who is also bright and attractive, and has some flexibility with her schedule. A woman who is very responsible and quick in responding to messages and emails.

7. Will I undergo surgery?
No. Your eggs will be retrieved vaginally. This involves needle aspiration or a "suction needle". There is no cutting, no scar. You will be under conscious sedation for 20 minutes and will have someone attend the retrieval with you and in close contact with you after. We are available for you during the entire process.

8. Will I be able to have children after egg donation?
Yes. Your body has forty thousand potential eggs. A donor cycle can yield approximately 10 - 20 eggs. Many donors donate several times and then go on to have children of their own.