Donor meets Intended Parent after 14 Years

Hello Global Egg Donors, 

You contacted me about a year and a half ago, possibly longer, to let me know that the last couple I donated to, were open to direct contact with me.  

We exchanged a few emails, they are truly wonderful people who have raised an incredible son, notable from their various emails and regular updates about him, who is now 13.  

So something totally wild happened, I recently went on holiday to visit friends and family in the UK and I took a chance and messaged them to tell them I would be in England for a few days. I summoned all my courage and asked them if they would like to meet for a coffee (with very explicit instructions that it would need to just be them) and they jumped at the opportunity which was such a relief.  

So we met up for brunch in Kings Cross in London and it was incredibly surreal. Having the chance to meet them and speak to them for an hour and a half made it all seem all the more worth it. They are amazing people who have two amazing boys and it was so interesting to hear how they chose me and why. I got to see a lot more photos of him too.  

It was a very strange but incredible experience to meet the couple I "helped to have a baby" 14 years ago.  I couldn't have donated to better people, and it truly made me feel blessed to have been able to help them. There are no better parents a child could possibly want.  

So I'd once again like to thank you for what you guys at Global do and for giving both myself the opportunity to give and couples the chance to bring a child into the world.  

Regards, Leesa