Recent comments received -

First Impression:  My wife and I want to be prepared if our next attempt at IVF with her eggs does not work. We already feel very glad that we have come across your company. So far simply seeing and reading about your company has given us a great peace of mind - your website is professional, your girls all seem like wonderful candidates and donating for the right reasons; you give the perfect amount of information on the girls. You are doing a great job!

 Matched for Donation: You have been amazing and wonderful in our ‘journey of love’ to have children. Thank you very much for everything you have done. Expert service, top rate professionalism and you have such a caring nature for people.  You rock!!!

Former Global Egg Donor Team member: ...all that is left then is to thank you for an amazing time with GED. It was very interesting to work for a truly worldwide operation with interest and equal attention to different cultures. It was lovely getting to know you and the other team members: all very special persons and a true team indeed, which is not easy if you are not physically working together in an office.