Human Connections

(The names and locations have been changed in the following emails. Donor and IP remain anonymous, we cut and paste their emails back and forth. We facilitate your level of comfort in communicating with your donor. )

 Dear Donor Andrea,

As I write the twins Anna and Alex are running around in the garden at our house in Australia.  Happy, healthy and the most wonderful blessing we could ever wish for. They love running, fishing, riding bikes all the things that little children like at this stage.  Anna is very strong in character, afraid of nothing and I think will be the first to swim in our pool.  She has lots of friends at school and loves her ballet lessons which I encourage as I did it as a child too.  Alex is very blonde and a little bit quieter… he is always taken care of by his sister and he is popular at school to because of her friends.  We take them overseas every year to see my family. We couldn’t have wished for more and they teach us every day what it is to be good parents.  Thank you a million times over.   Marie and Andrew


Dear Marie and Andrew, 

Many thanks for your email, I really appreciate you sharing with me the life of Anna and Alex, as well as yours! You literally made my day, my week and period of my life! Everything sounds like a perfect fairy tale and I love every moment of it! I am so happy to hear that both of them are doing so well, looking healthy and stunningly beautiful! 

I smiled when read that Anna is dancing ballet.. that’s what my grandma always wanted me to do but we never had the money but now.. I dance bachata and love it!.. I always had passion for dancing and so happy Anna has it, too! And super well done to Alex - being such a good looking boy it doesn’t surprise me that he is so popular!  

I am so happy for you and so grateful to Robin who matched us together so you can have such a joy of raising children and I can have my joy from knowing what a delight you have and seeing the living result of my help... 

Kind regards, Andrea