My Third Donation; a growing experience.

The most rewarding for me to witness is a donor’s expanding self-worth, reflection on life and immense joy in being able to give the greatest gift to another human.

Egg Donor Wendy has always felt deeply with her body, soul and spirit all that she is experiencing. Her 3rd donation has progressed this even further.

-Robin Newman

Egg Donor Wendy: “This was my third donation and as they say, the third time’s a charm! Every donation has been a magical one but this one I felt more connected with my body and my femininity.

Although I’ve not been pregnant, the changes in my body and my attitude leading up to the donation must be similar - to be extra nurturing to my health, loving towards the miracles it was creating for others and to make it the number one priority in my life. This donation taught me the way that every woman should love their body, regardless of what it can or cannot do. The gift of being able to support another woman in creating the family of her dreams is beyond words and one of the greatest experiences I could be a part of in life.

We are never lacking, things always happen just as they are supposed to and I am so grateful to have been chosen to be a part of this process. I wish happiness, health, unconditional love and magical miracles for this family.

I hope they know that I did nothing to help them in this process, these gifts I’ve passed on to them were always already meant to be theirs to begin with. Sometimes life just has a different way of giving you the things you are meant for - and that is the most beautiful thing about life.”