Our First Cancun Egg Donation

Cancun, Mexico is a wonderful addition to our short list of recommended destinations for egg donation procedures.

Cancun is a holiday destination with turquoise warm seas and very safe as revenue from tourism is 90% of their economy.  We rode the buses late into the night feeling 100% safe. Clean air, very friendly with English spoken almost everywhere.

The clinic we recommend has getting 80% success rates. Like most of our clinics, it is small enough to be personable; they give timely attention to every person. The clinic itself was built only 3 years ago. I've been few places where quality service, exceptional surroundings and very affordable prices remain. A relaxing environment can certainly boost your chances for embryo implantation! 

Photo: Owner Robin and Donor Support Karen posing as Pirates

Robin and Karen Cancun Pirates

Below the story of the first GED egg donor to donate in Cancun. She will tell you everything.

Being a donor

I feel so blessed to have been chosen to donate. The donation is a few days after my birthday, and what an amazing present- I get to travel to Cancun, Mexico for the procedure!

Now, I have donated several times before with varying results for the intended parents- no pregnancy, pregnancy but a miscarriage, and successful live birth of twins plus another sibling on the way thanks to a successful implantation of a frozen embryo- and what I have gained from each experience is a greater understanding of myself, as well as an immense amount of sympathy, concern and care towards each and every one of the intended couples.

Working with GED

I am very well aware that the market is currently saturated with “fly-by-night” donor and surrogate agencies. Unfortunately many of these are solely interested in quantity and money rather than quality for their clients. This is where I believe GED is a gem of a company! The concern and care I have received from Karen and Robin is phenomenal, but more than that, it is completely heart-felt. Karen provides the intimate knowledge and support only an experienced donor can have and Robin has the compassion and understanding for the intended parents that only success rate.someone who has suffered the devastation of not being able to have children can offer. Both are totally devoted to helping infertile couples and looking after donors and their dignity.


However, I would also like to describe here what Cancun is like to anyone who may be thinking of going there to donate, or even just to visit. Cancun in AMAZING! Initially, when I found out I had been chosen to donate in Mexico, I had a picture in my head of a dusty, downtrodden little town, with tumbleweeds rolling around, wild, tequila drinking bandits dozing off hangovers during the day under their sombreros and cactuses- lots and lots of cactuses! OH how wrong I was- no thanks to Hollywood stereotypes.

Cancun is, in fact, one of the most beautiful places I have ever travelled to. It is extremely laid back and calm. Even the taxi-drivers are more relaxed than elsewhere in the world  My initial impression, although Cancun is fairly hot and humid, was of a neat, clean place, where people have respect for each other and their surroundings. Actually, I would say that they take pride in their town. 

Beach Cancun

The hotel I stayed in was a “business” hotel and it was perfect for the 10 day stay. I had my own room with double bed, bathroom and shower, flat screen TV, air-conditioning and excellent Wi-Fi connectivity so I could keep in constant contact with my poor husband whom I left behind. The hotel staff were always friendly and helpful. The bonus with this particular hotel is that it has a fully stocked supermarket and pharmacy on its ground floor. There is also an awesome little Italian restaurant just opposite the supermarket which was great for winding down at after a long, hot day.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the food in Cancun, and traditional Mexican food is a lot healthier and fresher than one would imagine. Everything is fresh, green, delicious and so tasty…. Definitely recommend trying a ceviche, nacho soup and fish tacos! All dishes are accompanied with a fresh salsa and if, like me, you love “chile” (chilli), you will love this food! Just a warning though, when the locals tell you something is “mui picante” (very hot) they’re not joking.

The main language spoken is Spanish and the currency is Mexican Pesos, however if you remember that the peso is very roughly 10 pesos to 1 dollar US it’s quite easy to figure out the price of things. Robin taught me that if you are the market, offer half of whatever they are offering but be prepared to settle at about 75% of the original asking price. Generally a lot of the stuff is not ridiculously priced and the vendors are very keen to haggle for as long as possible as long as you purchase something in the end.


Another bonus of the accommodation I stayed in was that it was within walking distance to the Clinic. So each time I needed to go for a scan, I simply took a leisurely walk down the road. The clinic itself is immaculate, and the hospital it is situated in is very clean ad modern looking. I really liked the doctor and all her staff at the clinic. They were always ready with a big smile and a cup of coffee, and always available to answer any questions, no matter how trivial they seemed.

In all, I feel I was blessed to have been given the chance to donate in Cancun, and Cancun is an amazing place to visit. Thank you GED for providing me with this opportunity.