Our Special Family

There are many paths to building a family. If you decide on egg donation, the twists of fate still can play havoc. Stay your course and you will find fruition and I can help as one who has assisted many down their paths. 

The story that follows is an example of one couple covering 5 years and 2 children, born through very different paths.

-Robin Newman

" Hi Robin,

I wanted to thank you so much for all your help you have given us over the past 6 years, I can’t believe it has been that long since we first met through Global Egg Donors. You introduced us to our donor Ellen in year 2011 and helped make our dreams of having a family a reality when we felt hopeless after receiving news of my infertility. Our son Aaron brought so much joy into our lives and we’re happy that we’re building a solid relationship with donor Ellen. 

We’re thrilled that Ellen has her own baby boy and it’s lovely seeing her family grow. Now that Aaron is 5 we will be telling him our story about the journey we made to have him and all about Ellen and how special she is. 

We owe you personally a big thank you for giving us that push that we needed in regards to surrogacy in the US. We spoke to you in quite a desperate state last year after our embryos failed to thaw properly after a transfer from South Africa to India in 2013. During a phone call you told us about surrogacy in the US and gave us Dr Kumar’s name. It really was a leap of faith and I was unconvinced we would have another child. But you convinced us - thank god, you make us feel it was possible and you got us moving and excited about this new journey and about our wonderful donor Jamie.

It feels like Christmas each day waking up to our daughter Sandy, she really is an amazing little girl and has spread so much happiness throughout our family and we cannot thank you enough for guiding us through this roller-coaster ride we’ve had in creating our family. Words cannot describe how grateful we are for Jenny’s gift to us in being our donor and we hope we can have a great relationship with Jenny also.

We’ll get on with our lives now, it’s nice to just be a family and deal with everyday ups instead of chasing what seemed the impossible. But we’re proud of what it took to having Aaron and Sandy and of course it was all worth it!

Have a wonderful Christmas Robin, we’re sending all our blessing to you!

Cassandra, Stephen, Aaron & Sandy"