Robin on radio

805 Connect is a business radio station in Southern California. Host Mark Sylvester and co-host Patrick asked me for an interview about Global Egg Donors. We spoke about many aspects of the history of egg donation and how our donor program has played a part. My work creates deeply satisfying experiences not just for the recipients of the eggs but also for the egg donors and myself as well.  

A few quotes from the interview:

"What our Egg Donors did not expect was how they have become a 'Sisterhood of Donors'. They connect online through our chats, private Facebook pages, and often two or more donate at the same place and time. Being an egg donor is a Badge of Honor. We do very little advertising for donors as word of mouth is effective and friends join in no matter where in the world they are located."

"After the experience is over the donor writes about her experience and reflects about what it has meant to her to. For this essay we give her some compensation. Their stories are deep, most are tear jerkers. This story is shared with the recipients of her eggs, who may someday share it with their child so they will understand why she gave her eggs and that the parents did not simply buy an egg. Egg donation takes a lot of time, emotional energy and has varying degrees of discomfort, yet it is a win- win- win situation. What an amazing experience we all have along this path.”

If you want t listen to the whole interview (45 minutes) follow this link: