The Fertility Show in London

Every year we participate in Fertility Conferences, yes there IS a conference for every industry. Karen Mossmer, our lead donor support, and I traveled to London in last week for The Fertility Show. It WAS a bit of a circus, but a great opprotunity to meet new people. So many people attended!

We shared a booth with Dr Ashim Kumar from the Western Fertility Institute in California. One of our best friends and egg donor (they all become close friends) from the UK showed up to help us.

Fertility Show

Our Donor Support Karen and Dr Ashim Kumar preparing for opening bell at the London Fertility Show.

Fertility Show

After two long days of work, we had some fun. Below you see our UK egg donor, Robin and Karen outside of the show we just saw. Can you guess which production? 

(Answer: The Jersey Boys.)

BTW: I am not short, they are very tall.                            

London show

-Robin Newman