Preserving Your Fertility

Many women are waiting to start their families until well after their prime child bearing years, age 18-25. In the modern world this is when we finish University, get a job to pay off the school loan, and maybe start a professional career.

While we are living longer due to healthier life styles, our hormones aren’t keeping up. By age 35 our fertility declines and this has not changed. You’ve heard the following, and know the following, but it lifestyle is what matters to prolong your fertility and your life.

Six points to success

1. Alcohol, limit it or quit.

2. Smoking, just don't and this means vaping too.

3. Stress. It is a fact once a woman decides on a donor she often falls pregnant! The stress is off. Women also fall pregnant right after they give birth to their egg donor baby.

4. Exercise. Raise your heartbeat with activity daily.

5. Eating to conceive. You know the healthy foods.

6. Protected sex. Always. Silent sexual diseases (no obvious symptoms) can cause unexplained infertility.

Healthy Lifestyle