Donating in India

We had many trips to India as Gay Marriage has been approved in many places worldwide and there are many surrogates in India. The Gay communities need Global Egg Donors too!

Below the story of one of our egg donors that went to Delhi in June 2012. She was one a group of six donors that travlled to India at the same time.

-Robin Newman

My experience

Wow! How do I even begin to describe my experience as an egg donor? 'Most incredible experience of my life' still doesn't sum it up with nearly as much enthusiasm as it should.

When I received an email from Karen, my donor support, saying that a couple from Canada wanted to know if I would donate for them and the donation was to take place in India, I was very excited about this as India was somewhere I had always wanted to visit.

I finished my last exam just days before leaving for India – I had been so busy with my studies in the lead up to it all that I barely had time to process what I was actually getting myself in for until the morning of my flight! As I arrived at the airport to leave, however, all of a sudden I knew that what I was doing was bigger than myself, and that even though I had never met this couple and knew little about them, I knew in that moment that I would do anything for them.


And so I arrived in Delhi, jet lagged and bloated from hormones, in 44 degree Celsius heat. Thankfully the hotel had air conditioning. If I could give a prize to anything in my whole experience as an egg donor, the air conditioning would come very, very close to winning.

I was part of a group of six girls who were all donating in Delhi at the same time (though we ended up numbering nine once you added two friends-of-donors and Robin, founder of GED, who also joined us for most of our stay).

I honestly can't begin to say how much I loved our little group of donors-and-friends. Together we visited countless markets, temples, restaurants and some of us even ventured out to the neighbouring city of Agra to see the Taj Mahal. Having Robin along was such a blast, too! Not only was she super kind to us donors, she was loads of fun!

Donors at Taj Mahal

Delhi itself was such an amazing place – an absolute mix of extremes. It was hot, colourful, polluted, noisy, friendly, busy, poor, rich etc. I fell in love with all the brightly coloured saris – why doesn't western culture make use of such great colours?

The donation

Of all the aspects of the donation process, the actual medical procedure was the element that I was least nervous about. I figured that it's been a path well-trodden by many women before me. There's not a lot I can really say about the procedure – it really was very easy. There was a little bit of discomfort afterwards, but it only lasted a few hours.

So I guess in conclusion, I can say that I really did have an incredible experience as an egg donor. I'm so, so excited for my couple and the journey that they are going on and I'm sending every positive thought their way! I really am so lucky to have gone through this experience and I can't wait for the next adventure when I donate again!

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