Donor with Super Power

Never Give Up is a message for both egg donors and infertile couples. The essay that follows is written by a lovely donor from the UK who falls pregnant too easily. As she was applying to be an egg donor after her first child, she discovered she was pregnant. Then it happened again after her second born. Three babies later, her wish to help an infertile couple was realized. An endearing story and so honest when she makes a mistake with her meds.

- Robin Newman

My super power

I have a Super Power, that of making babies!  When I was only 29yrs old I already had three kids. I felt so lucky having three healthy kids so quickly and easily.

After the firstborn, I saw an interview with a girl from my area who had gone to Canada to donate eggs with Global Egg Donors. I started filling out an application to become a donor too, yet found I was pregnant again. Soon after the second born I fell pregnant with my third. Three years later I finally was able to complete my application to donate eggs. Since I was getting a little old for a donor and with no college degree I wasn't sure someone would select me. Then I got that email that changed everything, a couple from England wanted me to be their egg donor and I had a letter from them. The most beautiful letter I’ve ever read asking me to help make their dreams come true. I felt this was My Couple and I would do everything and anything to help them. I was able to use my superpowered fertility for someone in need. 

Throughout the next 2 months I went kinds of tests. It was an effort but the hardest was the fact I was supposed to inject myself! I thought, "holy mother of god how am I supposed to inject myself as I haven't even been able to watch my own doctor inject me." I was so nervous and watched all the video instructions millions of times and read the instructions millions of times. But I was too nervous and read the instructions wrong! So, I mixed up the medications and I just blew it! I can never explain in words how deeply sorry I felt, felt so stupid and I was so frustrated at myself. Literally cried my eyes out. But my donor support Karen, and my couple were so understanding, friendly and calm. There was no harm only a month’s delay to get back on track and do it again.

Going to Cyprus

After the false start it was not hard at all, I didn't feel anything while on the meds and it was no problem injecting myself. I went to Cyprus in September, what a great time of the year to go! The day I got there I met Amelia who was my physical support in Cyprus, and oh my she is so nice. She took me to the clinic and I had a scan. I was ready and scheduled to go for the egg retrieval only a few days later. I mostly relaxed in Cyprus just walked around, had good food and enjoyed. 

Cyprus Beach

On the day of the egg retrieval, Amelia picked me up at 7am and was with me the whole time. Everyone there was so nice and so professional. Back at the hotel around 10am, no pain! I slept until noon. The rest of the day feeling a little tired and emotional but nothing unusual. 

I cant stop thinking how lucky I feel being able to do this, and I can't wait to hear the final results. I hope that my superpowered fertility will fulfill their dreams of several children. Global Egg Donors are professional and was easy to work with them throughout this process, and Karen my donor support is just the best. I would do this all over again if I could, I hope I will! Thank you for everything.