GED in Georgia and Ukraine

Global Egg Donors continually follows and researches who is doing what in the world of egg donation. When we find a great clinic with high success, reasonable prices and great communication, we start the process of working out the many details to bring both donors and couples to their clinic. Laws, regulations, and even perception change often. We revisit the clinics we recommend annually. 


Last month Karin and Robin revisiting the country of Georgia and their 1st class clinics.

Robin, Donner, and Cathedral in Tbilisi, Georgia

Robin and Cathedral in Tbilisi, Georgia

Room service in Georgia for $2

Room service in Georgia for $2


After our visit to Georgia, our lead Donor Support Karen, also visited neighbouring Ukraine. Karen spend a week in Kiev, the largest city in the Ukraine, to meet up with our current donors and interview new ones.

Karen in Kiev

Karen writes about the town: "Kiev is a beautiful city with lot of historical buildings. The city is a place where European and Russian cultures meet. There is much to see and do in Kiev – from relaxing in cute and quaint coffee shops to browsing the unique outdoor markets where you can pick up funky vintage USSR memorabilia and perhaps a fur coat! Ukrainians are friendly but English is not widely spoken and a translator is usually recommended if you cannot speak Russian."