Leap of Faith

It takes a leap of faith to trust a company to guide and support you through egg donation, especially in a foreign country.

This donor from Poland states it very well. She trusted her heart and she visited the USA for her first time to donate in 2013.

She has been back several times now!

Below is what she wrote after her first donation in 2013. Please read the following statement with the understanding that English is this donor’s second language. 

-Robin Newman

Donor from Poland: "The moment I knew I could impact and can change someone else’s life and mine... was a most wonderful and amazing thing. My decision of being a donor was a well-considered one.

From the first moment, as I got the email from recipient, I know that it's not only procedural. My cooperation with Global Egg Donors taught me that what makes this organization special are people and relations. I got to Skype with my recipient and it was like meeting of two good friends and how very impressed I am. I'm honoured that I had been chosen by them. 

When I was on the bed to start medical procedure I had huge smile because I was so happy and sure why I was there. Talks with the medical team just confirmed that. I felt safe and in good hands. Probably it sounds like good marketing, but reality looks like this. I am so grateful for this opportunity, that I have met interesting donors from all over the world. Thank you for unique engagement!"