Prices & Fees

Global Egg Donors offers affordable options; cost should never prevent you from having a child. We have many combinations of clinics and donors to suit your budget. Clinic prices vary worldwide, and our donors are located globally. Let us help find the best combination for you. A donor living closer to your clinic does not necessarily mean the overall price will be less. Contact us now.

Global Egg Donor fees include:

  • The administration and the keeping of donor records for life.
  • Facilitation of the egg donation communication between intended parent, doctor and donor.
  • Support for intended parent from the choosing of a donor, travel plans, meeting near clinic, and after your return home.
  • Coordination of all clinical and psychological screening, legal documents and medical services.
  • Travel arrangements, health insurance and medication for donor.
  • Constant support of donor during her medication, appointments, and well after the procedure.

Clinic fees include:

  • Donor scans, egg-retrieval in theatre, theatre costs, anaesthetic costs, IVF lab fee, embryo transfer, consultations, ICSI and embryo storage for a year.

Clinic fees, updated 2018

  • Canada: $12,500
  • Cyprus: $6,500
  • Georgia: $4,000
  • South Africa: $5,000
  • India: $6,500
  • Mexico: $6,900
  • USA: $14,900

Always confirm current prices with the clinic as GED cannot be held responsible for their fee changes.

Total fees: As low as $12,000 USD for donor and clinic combined. This price depends on clinic and donor choice. It does not include your travel.

Additional fees may include medication for birth mother ($400-$800), your travel fees, and optional but recommended PGS testing of embryos ($3500-$4500).