Pricing & Fees


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Cost should never prevent you from having a child. At Global Egg Donors, we offer affordable options and have many combinations of clinics and donors to suit your budget. Clinic prices vary worldwide, and our donors are located globally, we will find the best combination for you. 

Global Egg Donors administration fee ($5,500USD) includes:

  • The administration and the keeping of donor records for life.
  • Facilitation of the egg donation communication between intended parent, doctor, and donor.
  • Support for intended parents from the choosing of a donor, making travel plans, and after your return home.
  • Coordination of all clinical and psychological screening, legal documents and medical services.
  • Travel arrangements, health insurance and delivery of medication for the donor.
  • The constant support of your donor during her medication, appointments, and well after the procedure.

Our $5500 administration fee does not include the costs of her flights, hotel, medication, tests, visa, meals, health insurance, ground transport, and donor compensation for her time and the discomfort of egg donation. These fees will be confirmed upon your choice of donor and clinic as they are variable depending on the donor situation and her location. A donor living local to the clinic where she donates is the least expensive as she will not have travel fees.

Clinic fees include:

  • Donor scans, egg-retrieval in theatre, theatre costs, anesthetic costs, IVF lab fee, embryo transfer, consultations, ICSI and embryo storage for a year. 

Clinic fees, updated 2020

  • Canada: $12,900
  • Cyprus: $5,800
  • Georgia: $4,000
  • South Africa: $6,500
  • India: $5,000
  • Mexico: $6,900
  • USA: $14,900

Always confirm current prices with the clinic as GED cannot be held responsible for their fee changes.

Total fees: As low as $12,500USD for donor and clinic combined, depending on clinic and donor choice. 

Additional fees: Medication for birth mother ($400-$700), your travel fees, optional pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) of embryos ($3500-$4500).