Let's meet in 2018!
Sydney, Australia – February 18-25, 2018
Los Angeles, Calif, USA - by appointment

Let's meet in 2018!

Sydney, Australia – February 18-25, 2018
Los Angeles, Calif, USA - by appointment

How It All Works...

You could be pregnant 2½ months from today!

  • Choose a donor and clinic
  • Communicate with doctor
  • Donor completes medical and psychological screening

Timing Example 1: (10 days*)

  • 3 weeks before egg donation: Begin medication to prepare womb lining.
  • 2 days before egg donation: Fly to clinic with partner. Womb lining checked by doctor.
  • Day of egg donation: (2-5 days after arriving) - 2nd sperm donation
  • 5 days after egg donation - blastocyst embryos are transferred to your womb. Typically 10 days spent near clinic.
  • *Add 4 days if you want PGS testing of embryos.

Timing Example 2: (2 days*)

  • Anytime before donor arrives at clinic - Partner arrives at clinic and leaves sperm to be frozen. (1 day) you can also ship frozen sperm to clinic.
  • Donor arrives, embryos are made and frozen. This does not affect success rate at quality clinics.
  • Intended mother or surrogate arrives when convenient to have frozen embryo transfer. (2days).

"I have to say that the efficiency and the interest that everyone has is amazing. Your Team at Global Egg Donors has been exceptional and not only offered us extensive information but more importantly - tremendous support!" - egg recipient

Essential Video Introduction in 11 minutes

How It All Works GlobalCast #1 presented by Robin Newman, Founder & Director

Global Egg Donors is a unique program, with egg donors living worldwide and using clinics located worldwide.

Watch our video and quickly gain a clear understanding about How It All Works.

  • Choosing a donor
  • Selecting a clinic
  • Timing
  • Costs

This is an interactive video where you can ask questions as you watch. There are helpful resources for you to download too. Join me for this informative GlobalCast, it will be fun.

Click this link and I'll see you there.

Fertility Treatment Clinics

We highly recommend clinics in several countries for their efficiency of communication, success rates, and responsible medical practices. Success rates vary from 65% to 95%. Success means there is a confirmed heart beat by ultra sound. 99% of our parents have had healthy, live births after heart beat. These clinics are all modern with skilled personnel. Many have surrogates if needed.

"We would like to thank you and your agency for all your assistance over the last few years. It has helped make a difficult process very easy and you are an amazing person to deal with. We have been lucky to have had the chance to be able to access amazing donors who are a credit to your agency. It shows to your commitment as our donors have had such wonderful personal characteristics and have made our decisions very easy and exciting knowing our future child would inherit this." - egg recipient

Egg Donation in Canada, Georgia, Cyprus, Mexico, India, South Africa and USA.

Global Egg Donor fees include:

  • The administration and the keeping of donor records for life.
  • Facilitation of the egg donation communication between intended parent, doctor and donor.
  • Support for intended parent from the choosing of a donor, travel plans, meeting near clinic, and after your return home.
  • Coordination of all clinical and psychological screening, legal documents and medical services.
  • Travel arrangements, health insurance and medication for donor.
  • Constant support of donor during her medication, appointments, and well after the procedure.

Clinic fees include:

  • Donor scans, egg-retrieval in theatre, theatre costs, anaesthetic costs, IVF lab fee, embryo transfer, consultations, ICSI and embryo storage for a year.

Total fees: As low as $12,000 USD all inclusive with donor and clinic.

Clinic fees, updated 2016

  • Canada: $10,500
  • Cyprus: $10,500
  • Georgia: $4,000
  • South Africa: $4,600
  • India: $6,500
  • Mexico: $6,900
  • USA: $13,900

This is for the egg donation procedure including ICSI and all clinic visits for donor and egg recipient, embryo storage for a year. Always confirm current prices with the clinic as GED cannot be held responsible for their fee changes. Additional fees may include medication for birth mother, your travel fees, PGS testing of embryos.