Introduction Video

‘How it all works’ - Essential Video Introduction in 11 minutes

presented by Robin Newman, Founder & Director

Global Egg Donors is a unique program, with egg donors living worldwide and using clinicslocated worldwide.

Watch our video and quickly gain a clear understanding about:

  • Choosing a donor
  • Selecting a clinic
  • Timing
  • Costs

How It All Works...

You could be pregnant 2½ months from today!

  • Choose a donor and clinic
  • Communicate with doctor
  • Donor completes medical and psychological screening
  • Decide on timing

Timing Example 1: (Ten days)

  • 3 weeks before egg donation: Begin medication to prepare womb lining.
  • 2 days before egg donation: Fly to clinic with partner. Womb lining checked by doctor.
  • Day of egg donation: (2-5 days after arriving) - Sperm donation
  • 5 days after egg donation - blastocyst embryos are transferred to your womb. Typically 10 days spent near clinic.
  • *Add 4 days if you want PGS testing of embryos.

Timing Example 2: (Two days)

  • Anytime before donor arrives at clinic - Partner arrives at clinic and leaves sperm to be frozen. (1 day) you can also ship frozen sperm to clinic.
  • Donor arrives, embryos are made and frozen. This does not affect success rate at quality clinics.
  • Intended mother or surrogate arrives when convenient to have frozen embryo transfer. (2 days).

"I have to say that the efficiency and the interest that everyone has is amazing. Your Team at Global Egg Donors has been exceptional and not only offered us extensive information but more importantly - tremendous support!" – Intended parent