Letter from a donor to her egg recipients

To my recipient couple,

I cannot begin to tell you how you both have touched my life. I fell in love with you when I read your letter and just got the feeling that I had to be your donor. You came into my life when it felt as though everything was falling apart and I decided that helping you would be my absolution.

The journey donors go on is different for each of us. Mine was in the context of growth and becoming a better person within. The hormones made me a little moody yet I found it fascinating the way my body responded to this experience. The egg collection procedure itself was easy, and I was awake after about 15 minutes, drinking tea and laughing with my mom.

This letter is to wish you both all the happiness in the world and I am thinking of you both during this time. Your choice of me has healed me in ways I can never put into words. By picking me, you have greatly enriched my life and I know that I have and will enrich yours. Your gift to me means more than anything, and I know my gift will mean just as much to you.

Thank you again for everything.
Your egg donor

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Donor: Delhi, India
Letter from a recipient to her donor
Donor: California, USA

"It’s such an awesome feeling to know I have helped people in a way that not many people can! It really makes me realise what is important in life and what is worth spending energy on."

"It’s a strange gig, being an egg donor – you feel so invested in a couple you've never met; you have so much hope and love and joy and other cheesy conceptual nouns for them – it is a difficult thing to explain. I really am cheering for you guys so loudly you can probably hear it!"

"I might not be someone who goes sky diving or climbing Mount Everest to collect money for charity, but this is my Mount Everest. Donating eggs to another woman is one of my greatest achievements, memories and experiences in my life. "