Donor: Delhi, India

Another Candle lit, spreading light throughout the world…

Every time I get a request letter from a couple, my heart goes out to them, the disappointed hopes and crashed dreams that they have had to face. At the same time though I am filed a warm glow, cause I can help, I can renew their hopes and hopefully help fulfill their dreams. Along with today's medical advances and the giving hearts of some pretty special women, families get created even in the unlikeliest of circumstances.

It was exactly the same with my couple this time around, except that their obstacles were more than your average couple, as they are both male. Now some people have enough objections to same sex relationships and marriage, I don't even want to hear what they think about same sex couples starting a family. I however believe that you need to follow your heart no matter what it tells you and that you do not choose who you love but you can choose to be true to yourself. I also believe that a family is about the love, care and support it provides; and not about what gender your family members are. Sometimes the strangest of family combos are the best ones.

So all in all I was very excited to be able to donate again, even more so for my couple and on top of all that I would be back in India again, as the donation was scheduled to happen in Delhi.

I had donated in India before and found it to be a very eye opening and moving adventure. India, and particularly Delhi, is quite an experience; the poverty and extravagance, the rich culture and colours, the filth, pollution and decay; all combine to form an aching beauty that takes the breath away. It is a true assault to the senses and offers one a clear perspective on life and the world.

I believe that it is quite poetic that this magical connection of lives, to form another life (or more), should happen in a place that completely embodies the power of life and the strength of the human race. The miracle that is life and existence, happens against all odds in this exotic land, and that is what we are doing, fighting the odds.

For any first time donors, who are maybe still worried or unsure this is all I have to say; donating for the few couples that I have donated for has, each time, filled me with such a warm, glowing and fulfilling joy, to give such a gift and help answer such dreams for wonderful and deserving couples; I have never felt any form of regret, only happiness and fulfillment.

For any first time India travelers, be warned India is a crazy, chaotic place and it can be intimidating and scary (anywhere can be really) but it is also beautiful and magnificent. So be prepared for both, that way you can enjoy them to the full extent (also don't go to any Delhi Haats, or other bazaars or any market the drivers suggest, they rip you off). The medical team in India are wonderful, they are good at what they do and really care for their patients. Going to a foreign country for a strange procedure can be quite daunting, but trust me when I say you will be in good hands, I should know as I have donated with them twice and was impressed both times.

My journey, this time around, has come to an end and I hope with all my heart that it results in a beautiful little life (or two). The couples you connect with it giving this great gift are all wonderful and special and my couple, this time, are no exception, they have an extreme amount of love and care to give and would love a little one to bestow it on. Their family has some pieces missing and I hope to help them fill the gaps with all my heart.

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Letter from a recipient to her donor
Donor: California, USA

"It’s such an awesome feeling to know I have helped people in a way that not many people can! It really makes me realise what is important in life and what is worth spending energy on."

"It’s a strange gig, being an egg donor – you feel so invested in a couple you've never met; you have so much hope and love and joy and other cheesy conceptual nouns for them – it is a difficult thing to explain. I really am cheering for you guys so loudly you can probably hear it!"

"I might not be someone who goes sky diving or climbing Mount Everest to collect money for charity, but this is my Mount Everest. Donating eggs to another woman is one of my greatest achievements, memories and experiences in my life. "