Donor: California, USA

Before I knew it I was on a plane on my way to California. How did I get to this beautiful place drenched in sunshine and bikini bodies?

After days of tedious injections and body bloating, I realized why I was there and remembered how honored I am. I volunteered to donate my eggs to a wonderful deserving family that has been unable to conceive. I don't think I've ever experienced a more rewarding experience in my entire life. Having the opportunity to give a family to a couple is unbelievable. Global egg donors have given me an opportunity for the second time to do this. This time I got to spend time with an amazing woman, the founder of the organization, Robin. This woman honestly changed my life. Aside from being welcoming, giving, sweet and understanding, she is one of the greatest friends I've had the pleasure to make. Covered in a smile that would warm your heart even if you were miles away, this woman has taught me so much.

Robin and I spent a lot of the early days exploring California's treasures. I got the opportunity to see a zoo for my very first time, not to mention Disneyland twice!! All for my first time! What an incredible experience it was. I got to see Mickey Mouse, go on roller coasters, and eat an enormous amount of food, including a turkey leg that Robin and I tore into.

Although the process was longer than expected, it was pleasant none-the-less. Unfortunately the eggs weren't ready in the time permitted initially, so my flight was delayed. However, the doctor was very very friendly and calm, made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. I would further recommend him to anyone else. It surpassed my excellent experience at the clinic in India where I donated last year.

My amazing boyfriend flew down to be with me during the procedure too. I am so lucky.

I could not thank Global Egg Donors enough for the experience I've had. I pray that my recipient gets pregnant. I would do anything to feel that same feeling I felt when my last couple got pregnant. These people deserve to have a family, and I'm absolutely honored to give them the opportunity.

Global Egg Donors is an amazing program that I couldn't be happier to support and be a part of. My life is changed thanks to them.

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Letter from a recipient to her donor
Donor: California, USA

"It’s such an awesome feeling to know I have helped people in a way that not many people can! It really makes me realise what is important in life and what is worth spending energy on."

"It’s a strange gig, being an egg donor – you feel so invested in a couple you've never met; you have so much hope and love and joy and other cheesy conceptual nouns for them – it is a difficult thing to explain. I really am cheering for you guys so loudly you can probably hear it!"

"I might not be someone who goes sky diving or climbing Mount Everest to collect money for charity, but this is my Mount Everest. Donating eggs to another woman is one of my greatest achievements, memories and experiences in my life. "