Letter from a recipient couple to their donor

"Our Aussie Angel, someone who will always be precious and special to us.

We shall always remember you as the angel, who like a shooting star came into our lives for but a fleeting moment and blessed us with the creation of life. We knew within our hearts that our endless aching desire to cherish and raise a newborn soul would present itself one day, and when that day finally arrived, it was you who got to answer our prayers, you who responded to our calling and would have the final say.

We love you for that decision, the one to help us out, to fulfill our dream of a family, with no question and without any doubt. Now the time has come, we're all so close and near and even though were not together, in our hearts you will always be dear.

Please know we shall appreciate this gesture each and every day, and remember you the angel who helped us on our way. To be given the opportunity to create a family is precious, this we know is true, and the gratitude we shall have for you will always shine through.

Your kindness and presence will never be forgotten, for this is but a fact, as the pitter patter of tiny feet will always be evident of that. When we look into their beautiful eyes, it's there that you always be, and each day that we hold them, it is you that we shall see.

Know that these children will be loved and cared for in such a special way, with two dads who appreciate them, who will always be there to guide them on their way. Spoilt little Aussie buggers this will be no doubt, with family all around us, planning to help us out. Definite little vegemites, nippers through and through, living in our sunburnt country, growing up true blue.

All this, you "our angel" indeed, will inspire endless memories, for all our whole family to see. Feel proud of what you have done and the effect it will have on everyone. You deserve good karma, good fortune and prosperity and we are sure in your life this will definitely come, as one angel's good deed will always be recognised and rewarded by another one.

Again we thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts and will love you forever no matter how far apart.

With love and sincere best wishes to you for a bright, healthy and happy future.

Forever in our thoughts, we wish you the best, good times and safe travels throughout your life.

We will never forget you and what you have made possible.

Cuddles, hugs and kisses from us to you.

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Letter from a recipient to her donor
Donor: California, USA

"It’s such an awesome feeling to know I have helped people in a way that not many people can! It really makes me realise what is important in life and what is worth spending energy on."

"It’s a strange gig, being an egg donor – you feel so invested in a couple you've never met; you have so much hope and love and joy and other cheesy conceptual nouns for them – it is a difficult thing to explain. I really am cheering for you guys so loudly you can probably hear it!"

"I might not be someone who goes sky diving or climbing Mount Everest to collect money for charity, but this is my Mount Everest. Donating eggs to another woman is one of my greatest achievements, memories and experiences in my life. "