What people are saying

Global Egg Donors' egg donation program has been featured internationally in the press, in magazines, on radio, and TV. It has received many favorable testimonials from recipients, doctors, and donors alike. Some of these comments are featured below. Please note that names have been withheld or changed to protect their identities.

What Our Intended Parents Are Saying

"I have been trawling through the Web for a donor program that makes us feel comfortable about the journey we would like to take. We want to look for a donor without feeling as if we are doing supermarket shopping online, and I think we've found it!"

"GED is really a great company and you make me feel so very comfortable with everything it is absolutely unbelievable. I NEVER expected this type of attention to everything or this type of service. "

"Her reasons for wanting to donate have made me fill up with tears as I could have written those words myself... "

"Yes, indeed, you did assist us in 2008 and thanks to so many wonderful people, today we have a most marvelous boy aged almost three. God willing, we are hoping to have a second. We have been looking through other webpages and have again come back to yours. We have always thought that the service you gave us in the first instance was first class and also your webpage and communications have remained, by a long shot, the most informative and clear, which gives us confidence at the time of making such important decisions and as we plan for a second son/daughter. "

"Your work has brought hope, light and life to so many infertile couples. Never forget how valuable and extraordinary that is! "

"Good news! There is a strong heartbeat! The miracle of life was given to us! This has happened because all people involved have big full hearts. "

"I only have good impressions of all the work you develop, particularly your resolute, devoted and loving action. Your responses were always quick; the telephone contact we had gave us great confidence to participate in this process; your good feelings gave us support during this period. We ask God that He always bless you for the hopes that you transmitted to our hearts. "

"All is well and I'm pregnant! The process has been really good. I would definitely recommend Global Egg Donors. I think one of the things you did very well is making the contact with the Recipient. As business is done overseas the ongoing contact from you gave me a lot of reassurance that you were a legitimate establishment and I could trust you. "

"Hard to believe we met 4 years ago and our daughter is 3! I can't express how much joy you brought to us. It never would've happened without you. You turned the soul-smashing experience of infertility into a totally "it was worth every dollar, every shot, every tear" experience. Truly transformative. Thank you. "

"My husband and myself would like to thank you, and everyone at Global Egg Donors for your great professionalism, efficiency, reliability, friendliness; and you supported and kept us informed every step of this procedure. And from us - we are the most satisfied clients, and just keep up the good work. "

"I would definitely use Global Egg Donor services for any future fertility procedures. I have nothing but praise for your company. I have never encountered such professionalism and human kindness. I had a laugh to myself - I think you're a mind reader, you wouldn't believe the number of times I have thought about possible risks regarding travel and pregnancy. You answered my questions and reassured me before I asked! I can now put this fear to rest once and for all. "

"Thank you for keeping in touch and being there for me. Irrespective of the fact that one is paying, nothing can ever quantify the support and care that I have received from your team. You guys are wonderful. "

"This is a terrific thing that you are doing, and your care for the donors shines through everything. In a world where murky practices exist, your transparency and respect for donors, recipients and the resulting children is both inspiring and reassuring. "

"We read a book called "Ask And It Is Given" which really helped us align ourselves with creating this baby. Letting go of the fear is huge factor when facing IVF. Thank you for all your love and support. My husband and I are very blessed to have drawn such beautiful people into our lives. It's a big world but real heart connections don't come along every day. "

"I really don't have any suggestions for improvement re your service. I felt it was above and beyond what I expected. You made us feel that we could ask you anything and somehow it would be resolved. I hadn't any idea about how things were done in connection to the clinic before I came but that was extremely easy once we got there. "

"I am writing to let you know that unfortunately, I have miscarried. This has been terribly sad and overwhelming for me. I am, however, grateful for the experience of falling pregnant. I am also hugely grateful for the way in which so many people from your organization came together to bring about the pregnancy and support me along the way. I would like to thank you so much for your part in the process and for the kindness you showed at every opportunity. I could not have wished for more from you. "

What Our Doctors Are Saying

"Global Egg Donors has been a part of my life for 7 years now and I will always feel that it is a special company that has helped so many couples. It has been the pioneer driving force for developing egg donor treatment in South Africa. The professionalism and care of recipients and donors from Global over the years is something you can all be very proud of. "

"I hope that you are all well and continue to do your good work for many years to come. "

"Hi Robin , Thanks for a great evening last night. It was really wonderful to be able to sit and chat about all the things we usually work together on from opposite sides of the globe! "

"I really admire you and all the wonderful work you have done. You can be so proud of the many lives you have changed in such a special way. Your team is excellent and should be an example to others. "

"Another success... We make a great team"

"It is great for the donor to feel wonderful inside for what she has done. This is the true magic of egg donation, and I think you make donors realise this by going through their experience with them. "

"I think that the background support and excellent organisation which you provide to the donors and recipients is responsible for the increased pregnancy rate in the Global Egg Donors group. Well done!!!! "

What Our Donors Are Saying

"A word about global egg donors... They really truly care about their donors and make our health and well-being of paramount importance. I have been exceedingly well supported throughout my entire journey both times! The staff at GED are kind, knowledgeable, and very well organized. They are simply the best! They've answered countless emails, and always gotten back to me with lightning speed. Robin is the sweetest most down to earth woman and you just know upon meeting her and hearing her experience that she really does this from her heart. These are the reasons I decided to donate a second time, and I can honestly say I would do it again in a heartbeat. "

"I have been researching egg donation for a year. There are a number of reasons I want to donate for Global Egg Donors. I was immediately turned on to the integrity and personal nature that exudes from your website. It seemed more human than other donor organizations I have looked into; they all seem so bureaucratic and contrived. The words "compassion" and "connection" were also used in some of the statements I read from the founder, I appreciate that. I know she operates from a place of passion and is truly pursuing something she believes in and doing it to give back to humanity, it's not about the money.... "

"I must really compliment you again on the professional process in egg donation. It really is a great experience. "

"I read about your programme through the net and really like what you are offering, in particular the sensitive, thoughtful way you approach the issue of donor eggs. "

"I would gladly recommend to donors and recipients to choose to work with the people and the company which ultimately deals in making wishes come true. "

"Global Egg Donors is an amazing program that I couldn't be happier to support and be a part of. My life is changed thanks to them. "

"One of the best things about GED is that you are never alone in the process; there are always so many people willing to answer your questions. "

"Global Egg Donors has been fantastic. Karen was great support back home and Robin has been with us every step of the way in Cancun. The doctors and nurses at the clinic are world-class and we really couldn't have been in better care. "

"My experience with Global Egg Donors has been incredible, and I will definitely look to donate again in the future, and highly recommend them to my friends. "