Posted in Testimony on 09-04-2019

We are Grateful to be caretakers of this unique business; in our 18th year.

Human Connections

Posted in Current Events on 09-04-2019

Connecting - A recent exchange between Donor and Intended Parent.

PGS or PGD testing?

Posted in Fertility Facts on 09-04-2019

What is the difference and do you want this test?

Podcast from the UK with Robin Newman

Posted in Fertility Facts on 08-03-2019

Looking for an International Egg Donor?

How to tell?

Posted in Fertility Facts on 22-01-2019

Anne, our Intended Parent support, on how to tell your child about egg donation

A Decade After Egg Donation

Posted in Testimony on 10-01-2019

Donor writes to parents she helped 10 years ago.

Puerto Vallarta

Posted in Travel on 22-12-2018

Puerto Vallarta in Mexico is a special place with a wonderful fertility clinic.

The last donation

Posted in Travel on 22-11-2018

Experienced egg donor does her last donation in Cyprus

Team lunch in South Africa

Posted in Current Events on 31-10-2018

Out of the office and in the green garden

Interview Robin with WFI

Posted in Current Events on 20-10-2018

Our Robin Newman chats with Allan Meredith Allan from Western Fertility Clinic

London Fertility Show 3 and 4 November

Posted in Current Events on 18-10-2018

Come meet us in London?

Western Fertility Institute best in USA

Posted in Current Events on 04-10-2018

Clinic in LA been awarded "the top spot in the nation" for IVF success rates

My Third Donation; a growing experience.

Posted in Testimony on 31-08-2018

Egg Donor explains why she believes "3rd time's a charm".

Searching for Egg Donors

Posted in Current Events on 03-03-2018

Robin and Karen searching for amazing new egg donors.

Our first Egg Donation in Australia

Posted in Current Events on 12-02-2018

Global Egg Donors in Australia.

Genetic Disease

Posted in Fertility Facts on 11-01-2018

Everyone Carries a Genetic Disease.

Our Special Family

Posted in Testimony on 26-12-2017

How a family became a family.

Seven donors in California

Posted in Current Events on 13-12-2017

Seven donors come together in California

Donor with Super Power

Posted in Travel on 10-09-2017

A donor with Super Power travels to Cyprus to help a couple from the UK.

Robin on radio

Posted in Current Events on 17-07-2017

Last week I did a long interview for '803 Connect' about 16 years of GED.

GED in Georgia and Ukraine

Posted in Travel on 02-04-2017

Robin and Karen visit Georgia and the Ukraine.


Posted in Current Events on 05-12-2016

Precious new life

Facts about eggs

Posted in Fertility Facts on 03-09-2016

Will I or Did I Run Out Of Eggs? Get an Egg Test.

Leap of Faith

Posted in Travel on 26-03-2016

From Poland to the USA.

Las Vegas Wedding

Posted in Travel on 01-02-2016

Egg donor gets married by Elvis.

Travel Pictures

Posted in Travel on 29-12-2015

Looking back on the year and showing you some of my favourite pics.

The Fertility Show in London

Posted in Current Events on 12-11-2015

Global Egg Donors was at the 'Fertility Show 2015' in London.

Value added

Posted in Testimony on 09-12-2014

Testimonial from woman who received egg donation

Preserving Your Fertility

Posted in Fertility Facts on 13-04-2014

Lifestyle is what matters to prolong your fertility and your life.

I choose to help

Posted in Testimony on 14-02-2014

What a donor says when people question egg donation

Our First Cancun Egg Donation

Posted in Current Events on 29-05-2013

GED's first Egg Donation in Cancun, Mexico

Donating in India

Posted in Travel on 23-01-2013

Egg Donor's experience of donating in Delhi, India.